What Happens at a Scan session

Ever been to a scan appointment that’s chill and stress-free? That’s what makes become scan sessions different. We got you covered with what happens at a scan session.

Want straight teeth?

Find out if become invisible braces are right for you with our free smile assessment.

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So I’ve booked a scan session, what happens next? Firstly, there will be no teeth extractions, only a painless and relaxed environment in our becomeStudio™.

Keep reading to find out what else happens in a becomeStudio™ scan session!


Upon arrival at our becomeStudio™, you will be warmly welcomed by one of our Smile Companions and have the opportunity to ask any specific questions or raise any personal concerns that you may have about the upcoming scanning procedure. 

Smile Assessment & Photos

Next, you’ll be asked to fill in a Smile Assessment form so that we can know you and your dental history better. To get a better visual of your current teeth alignment we then take some pictures of your current grin where our highly qualified partner dentists are able to immediately notice if you have great oral hygiene or places in need of improvement. 

Once all filled in and photos taken, you’re now all ready for your 3D dental scan.

Digital 3D Scanning

Rest assured, you’re in great hands – the team at the becomeStudio™ consist of licensed partner dentists who will ensure scans of great quality. This enables our partner dentists at the lab to design your personalised treatment plan with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that you are left with the perfect smile after treatment. 

They will take a complete upper and lower digital scan of your mouth which produce the 3D imaging of your teeth, which can be viewed in real-time! Using a high-quality camera, our team together with partner dentists create the digital before-and-after models of your teeth and your personal customised invisible braces to gradually shift your teeth to the ideal position.

Treatment Plan

Either via a phone call or in person, a friendly Smile Companion will fully explain to you how it works and will show you steps in your become journey and how your smile will be transformed. 

In most cases, with your scans and photos completed, in 14 days, our partner dentists will design your customised treatment plan and a simulation of your future smile which you can view before you put on the invisible braces! 

If you like it, and have placed your order, we will 3D print your invisible braces, and deliver the full set directly to your doorstep.

The wait is over and your become journey to a confident new smile is about to begin…