The become Journal

Here’s where we’ll set you straight about our invisible braces and the become journey.

The become

Happy World Smile Day! 🙂

A smile can cut through stereotypes, misjudgements and barriers in relationships. It knows no gender, age, sexuality, colour or culture and is the simplest, yet most effective means of communication.

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What is the become Smile Roadshow?

We have seen all the messages, asking if we will be going to your area. We are happy to announce we are currently on our Smile Roadshow Tour. Check this post out to see where else we will be going. Who knows, we might be going to your hometown next!

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What Happens at a Scan session

Ever been to a scan appointment that’s chill and stress-free? That’s what makes become scan sessions different. We got you covered with what happens at a scan session.

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Crowded Teeth Causes & Solutions

Crowded teeth or malocclusion are quite common, and those who grew up suffering from crowded teeth obviously don’t want their children to have to go through the same thing. The question is, can this condition be prevented?

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What are invisible braces?

The term “invisible braces” refers to any type of short-term orthodontic system that is less easily noticed than traditional braces. Here we dig deeper into what invisible braces are.

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How to maintain good oral hygiene

While maintaining a healthy mouth is a lifelong commitment and might sound like a chore, it’s not that hard at all! Read on for some tips on how you can maintain a good oral hygiene.

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